Comvigo Internet Filter and Firewall Pro 2008

Comvigo Internet Filter and Firewall Pro 2008



Size:4.2 MB

Date Added:05 March, 2009

Author: Comvigo, Inc

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Comvigo Internet Filter and Firewall Software - Messenger Blocker, P2P Blocker, Internet Filter, IM Firewall, P2P Firewall, Internet Content Filtering. Are your employees chatting on instant messenger and surfing the web all day?Are your children on MySpace or MSN Messenger when they should be doing homework?Is Spyware transmitting your identity over the internet, unknown to you? IM Lock 2008 is a powerful instant message blocking, P2P blocker, internet content filtering, Internet Monitor, and TCP Firewall software for Business, Education, and Home use. Protect Your Computers, Save Time, Save Money, Protect Your Personal Information, Protect Your Identity. Free Trial, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee IM Lock 2008 is used by thousands of Businesses, Universities, and Homes in over 70 Countries. Get Control! IM Lock 2008 prevents unwanted instant messaging and web surfing. IM Lock blocks instant messaging, Block MSN Messenger, Block P2P, streaming media, selected web browsing, and more. IM Lock 2008 enables you to schedule internet filtering and internet content blocking, and to select programs to block, websites to block, and keywords to block. Free Trial. Up and Running in Seconds! IM Lock 2008 installs in seconds. No special computer knowledge is necessary. Just download the free trial and press Install. -Keep Employees Focused On Their Work-Protect Personal Information-Help Prevent Identity Theft-Protect Business Information-Keep Unknown P2P and Spyware Applicationsfrom accessing the internet from your computer.-Stop Chatting-Stop Web Surfing Identity Theives can place spyware on your computer, and unknown to you can transmit your private and critical personal and business infomation to their servers over the internet. With IM Lock Firewall you can detect and stop these programs. Try our free download and see how for a few pennies a day you can protect your children, your information, and your computer.

Systems: Windows

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